The Ultimate Gift
Around the World


Stephen Seress-Smith is Catherine’s eldest son.  An artist by nature and life, he was “commissioned” to do the illustrations when he was 16. 

Stephen started drawing at a very young age, and demonstrated early on a keen desire to have his work publicly viewed.  At the age of 4, Stephen created a gallery piece of Bart Simpson images along the walls of the living room, up the stair case, and had even added Bart’s image to his mother’s bedroom. 

Never without paper and pen and smile, Ste (as he is known to his mates) incessantly sketches and draws, usually characters that blend the darker sides of our feelings with tremendous humour and tenderness. His mum was so impressed with some of his sketches that she had them made into silver jewellery while they are in Mexico in 2007. 

Stephen is now 18 and lives on a boat in England, where he continues his studies and continues to seek employment as a games designer.  He is a great artist, loyal friend, intuitive reader, good singer, and not bad looking either!