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Naturally chatty and gregarious, Catherine is available for book events at your shop, for your charity.  She will also do presentations around the subject of the book, around the creation of the book, or on love.

Presentations and Workshops

All presentations can be developed into more detailed workshops, as a series or a longer session.

“Lessons from The Secret Language of the Heart”
An exploration of the personal meaning behind the sayings in TSLH, a sharing of the joy and freedom we gain by learning the secret language of our hearts.

“Fertile Ground for a Soulmate”
Still yearning, seeking for that great love of your life? This one-hour presentation highlights the barriers to fulfilling love, and gives direction for beginning the journey to be fertile ground for a soulmate.

“Opening Our Hearts to Life”
Things happen in the course of life – and some events hurt, are painful – and without realizing it, we can shut down our hearts, and create obstacles to happiness. This experiential course sets the foundation for finding meaning in life, again or for the first time.

Concierto di Amore
A special event of original poetry, with accompaniment by master flamenco guitarist and musician, Juan de la Sierra.

Poetry Workshops
What does it take to write good poetry, and more importantly, deliver it with impact? A workshop that develops writing and delivery skills, with live coaching.