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"Hi Catherine,

Your book is lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. You are planting majorly great seeds! Your website is really nice too. You are doing great things. Keep sharing and shining.

Best and blessings on all you do, Alan"

Alan Cohen, M.A., is the author of 22 popular inspirational books and CD's, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog? www.alancohen.com

"Affairs of the heart are sometimes indescribable and intangible; after reading 'The Secret Language Of The Heart,' the word/mind connections to our hearts becomes clear.  Catherine Seress's book inspires, questions, and 'writes the script' for those of us who are grappling with the feelings, the relationships, and the ever present uncertainty of our lives.  This book is a perfect read for those who need to get closer to their real selves.  In addition, the accompanying illustrations are very clever and inventive, and complement Catherine's writings perfectly."

~ Leon Salem
Film Composer

"This is a simple, beautiful and obviously heart felt book.  The almost zen like layout allows the reader time for reflection and contemplation on the poetry and images and it would be perfect slipped into a bag to read out of doors, or put on your bedside table for inspiration to take into your dreams." 

~ AnnA Rushton
Creative Coach, Author, Creative Catalyst News

“A heart-warming, wisdom-filled little book, beautifully written and illustrated, deep in its simplicity and overflowing with universal truths.  My heart recognized itself in many places.” 

~ Martine Angèle Allard
Teacher, Angel Warrior and Reiki Master, UK

"Your book is well done, joyful, graphically arresting, and conceptually refreshing!!!!!"

~ David Gittens
Innovator, Artist, Musician, Philanthropist www.dwij.org

"Catherine Seress has written a charming, thought-provoking book entitled The Secret Language of the Heart (TSLH). With a combination of personal aphorisms and morphed heart graphics she offers an extended metaphor to descry the secrets her own heart has revealed. Because of the simplicity of the presentation, and the meditative text, one is quickly drawn into this soulful conversation. One may come away from a first reading nodding and smiling at how the author has captured the ineffable states of human emotional growth and change without becoming clinical. Even the unpleasant heart experiences are smoothly delivered without harsh images or any sense a covert subtext is at work. Catherine has offered us a rich gift, and one that will keep on giving. After all, that is what hearts do. Bravo!"  

~ Doug
Proprietor, The Village Bookshop, Bradenton, FL

"Finishing your book, my heart was pounding with admiration and inspiration.  Thank you, Catherine, for sharing The Secret Language."

~ Kenney DeCamp
Sarasota Arts & Culture Magazine

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