The Ultimate Gift
Around the World


Catherine Seress has been writing since she was eight years old. Beginning as many young authors do with passing notes in class, jotting down short stories and composing research papers she then advanced her to skills to include poetry, prose, a novel, and three screenplays. Catherine’s latest work is an enchanting, inspirational book called “The Secret Language of the Heart,” where she has drawn from her extensive travel and life experiences to compile a unique collection of verse.

A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Catherine has been traveling since childhood and has lived much of her life abroad. A first generation American who has fully experienced having to acclimate herself to recurrent new situations has given her a very balanced life perspective. Catherine discovered, through her travels, the core of humanity is essentially the same the world over. She found that no matter what their origins, people have the same dreams, hopes and desires for themselves, their families and their communities.

Catherine has spent a significant portion of her professional, as well as personal, life giving to others. Although her main stint was working for many years as an Executive Coach while living in England, she has volunteered as a tutor for functionally illiterate adults, has promoted nature and environmental causes, and has donated her time working at a hospice. Catherine also has experience in television and radio, where, notably, one day a man messaged in while listening to her talk and declared, “She has the kind of voice men used to joust over.” A passionate speaker, she has presented in front of many groups, including international audiences of several hundred.

Ultimately learning from her own missteps in life, Catherine exudes an undeniable level of humility and humor wherever she goes and is often spoken of as bringing a deep sense of peace to those with whom she comes into contact. She continues to step upward and forward to be counted among those considered courageous and strong, even when she, herself, would say that she is not. Catherine can be found holding doors open for others, making small talk with strangers and passing out smiles like candy.

Truly a family publication, “The Secret Language of the Heart” was illustrated by Catherine’s eldest son, Stephen, when he was 16, and her sister and brother-in-law designed the cover. Currently residing in Southwest Florida with her youngest son, she often attends Open Mic events where she recites her poetry under her name of “Bharati Ishaya.” Her presentations are commonly described as deeply moving, touching and refreshing to the soul.